Contesting (also known as radiosport) is a competitive activity pursued by amateur radio operators. In a contest, an amateur radio station, which may be operated by an individual or a team, seeks to contact as many other amateur radio stations as possible in a given period of time and exchange information.

To learn more about amateur radio contesting please visit:

"Amateur Radio Contesting FAQ" (Andrew Roos ZS1AN)

"Contest Rules For The 21st Century" (NCJ May/June 2009) (K5RC, W5FU)

"Contesting" (Wikipedia)

"Contesting for Non-Hams" (N6XI)

"HF Contesting - Good Practices, Interpretations and Suggestions"

(This White Paper by the ARRL Contest Advisory Committee (CAC) does a  great job explaining some of the subtleties of contesting, particularly  what is considered proper and improper, even if not explicitly spelled  out by the rules.  Whether you are an experienced contester, or new to the game, this paper is well worth  the time it takes to read it.)

"The Joy of Contesting"  (QST January 2008) (K6RB)

 Give contesting a try! It's lots of fun and easy to get going.
Great starting points include
Getting Started in Contesting and the Contesting FAQ by ZS6AQ

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