HamCon CO Wrap up

HamCon CO was a big success, and MHDXA was well represented.  Though the convention didn't officially start until Friday; due to scheduling issues, DX University was first out of the chute on Thurs; there were 32 attendees.    Four of the seven  instructors are members of MHDXA [Paul (N0AH), Barry (N0KV),  Art (K6XT),  and Wayne (N7NG)].   Feedback from those in attendance has been overwhelmingly positive.  Ken (KV5Y) volunteered his time to staff the registration table, and he did a yomen's job of taking care of the business side!

MHDXA was well represented in the Technical Forums, and presentations were given by Gene (K5GS), Bob (KB0BS), Doug (N6UA), Wayne (N7NG), Paul (N0AH), Barry (N0KV), Barry (W2UP),  and Anna (W0ANT).

We also had a MHDXA table in the vendor's room;  we used the opportunity to both promote the club and DXCC Card Checking.  Special thanks to Barry (N0KV), Ryan (N0OJ), Ken (KV5Y), and Mike (K0MF) for taking time to help staff our table.   We talked to several individuals about MHDXA, and handed out several membership application forms.

One of the most popular activites in the evening was the hospitality suite;  it was co-sponsored by MHDXA and GMCC.   The suite was open Thurs, Fri, and Sat evenings, all attending had a great time, and there was a lot of socialization.   WD5COV (Dave) who is a member of the Intrepid DX Group, and just returned from the S. Sandwich and S George DXPedition, attended all three evenings.  He was more than happy to share his experiences and what they went through with storms and winds in excess of 100 MPH.

Sat night was highlighted by the QLF contest; with a good number of contestents;  unfortunately, the winner (for the second HamCon CO convention in a row) was not a MHDXA member, but Alex (AF0E).   Ye olde president came in second place (for the second HamCon CO convention in a row!!).  Special thanks to Wayne (N7NG), Ryan (N0OJ), Mike (K0MF), and Ken (KV5Y) for all the help in both the set ip and clean up of the suite!!!

DIck, K8ZTT 
President, MHDXA