Dayton Update

An Update from Hamvention Leadership

Despite all of the best efforts and intentions by Greene County, the Greene County Agricultural Society and Hamvention, we have learned the anticipated new building will not be constructed in time for Hamvention 2018. The prefab sections bid on and architecturally required are currently backlogged. We expect construction to be delayed until after our show and the Greene County Fair. We expect completion of construction yet this year and ready for our use in 2019. We regret this; however it is well out of our control.

On the positive side:

We will have increased Inside Exhibits space with the addition of the vacated Furniture Building.
The Flea Market will not be losing any space and actually may be gaining new space.
After consultation with professionals, we are in the process of solving the mud issue in the Flea Market area. We anticipate work to start as soon as weather allows.
We are rearranging the soccer field parking to eliminate use of the low areas where we had problems last year. We will also have a revised exit plan.
Additional offsite parking will be available, along with easily used maps to help you navigate. Transportation from parking areas to the show will still be at no cost.
Traffic issues were solved by mid-morning on Friday last year and we do not anticipate new issues this year.
Talk-In has all new equipment and will be using a taller tower this year allowing us to reach out farther to help you navigate to the show. Be sure to use this service. Do not forget the bulletin frequencies for more help.
There are many new ideas we are working on to make your stay with us more enjoyable. Keep watching our website “” for updates.

Ron Cramer, KD8ENJ, Hamvention General Chair
Jack Gerbs, WB8SCT, Hamvention Assistant General Chair
Michael Kalter, W8CI, Hamvention CFO, Spokesperson