MHDXA Meeting Reminder

Just a reminder next meeting of the MHDXA will be Thurs, 22 Feb, 18:00 hrs.  This meeting will be held on the south side of the Denver area at C.B. & Potts in Highlands Ranch (right off of E-470). The address is  "43 Centennial Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129".
The program will be on the "ins and outs" of FT8 presented by Jonathan (W6GX).  Personally, I just got started playing around with this mode, and have "pestered" Jonathan on the phone more than once trying to figure out some quirk.   He has been using it for quite sometime (even on 160M to pickup a few new countries), and has become quite knowledgeable in setting it up correctly and then using it (especially to work DX in a pileup).
Looking forward to seeing everyone there.
Dick, K8ZTT
President, MHDXA